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{title} Astounding Stories of Super Science

{language} Englisch

{country} USA

{class} Pulp Magazine

{bibdat} Publishers' Fiscal Corp.
January 1930 - January 1931 / January 1933 and March 1933 - 15 issues

{note} Analog began in January 1930 as the pulp magazine Astounding Stories of Super-Science. In February 1931 the title changed to Astounding Stories, but in January 1933 changed back to Astounding Stories of Super-Science for two issues before returning to Astounding Stories in October 1933. This title remained until March 1938 when it became Astounding Science-Fiction. There was a minor change to Astounding Science Fictionin November 1943. Analog was added to title with the February 1960 issue. With the October 1960 issue Astounding was dropped and the title became Analog. (from:

{sources} The Adventure House Guide to the PulpsThe FictionMags Index

{sample issue} Vol. 2, No. 2 (May 1930)
{cover} H. W. Wessolowski